Creative Campaign

Ask: Lean into what makes Beats a beloved brand - then take it up 10 notches. 

TLDR: Beats built its brand platform on providing premium sound entertainment and amplifying marginalized voices, but people aren't hearing all the music. The Hearing Impaired Community has been left behind by this industry because they don't just listen to music - they experience it. We decided to create a campaign that would allow those who identify as HOH to Feel the Beat with Sound Beyond Sound.

What I did: Researched the music industry's relationship with philanthropy. Interviewed people who identify as HOH to 

understand the barriers to listening and how they adapt. Social listening to understand their relationship with music enjoyment. Creative brief and strategy. Comms planning.



Background: People aren't hearing all the music.


Beats built their brand's platform on providing premium sound entertainment and amplifying marginalized voices. The brand's mission is to bring emotion, energy and excitement back to the listening experience for music lovers worldwide - but who does this include? If music is considered the universal language of mankind, we wanted to give Beats the platform to include all listeners, regardless of their capabilities.

Problem: For those who experience hearing impairments, the message is loud and clear - the world was not built for you.

Over 30 million people in the US alone have experienced hearing loss in both ears, which is roughly 1 in 8 people. They want to attend live events and connect to the world around them, but they're often made to feel left behind and misunderstood by the music industry.

"Being ignored by the music industry has made me disengage from live music." - Charlie Swinbourne, deaf journalist and filmmaker. 

Audience: The Hearing Impaired Community. 

Those who identify as HOH often feel the need to constantly adapt to the world around them. These are people who are used to giving grace to those around them without asking for much in return. They often dismiss themselves from opportunities because they already assume that they won’t be able to participate.

Truth: The Hearing Impaired Community doesn’t just listen to music - they experience it.


Hearing loss is a spectrum, and listening is only one facet of music enjoyment. For our audience, music also provides a physical experience that's meant to be enjoyed as a full, sensory experience.

"We need to reverse the myth that deaf people can't enjoy music. I don't let my deafness affect me."     

- Troi Lee, DJ and founder of Deaf Rave 

Advantage: Showing up for underrepresented communities in an authentic and empathetic way is part of Beats' DNA. 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Strategy: Feel the Beat.

Creative idea: Sound Beyond Sound.

OOH: With the help of people from the HOH community, our team created a playlist with songs featuring heavy bass and even stronger vibrations. Passersby will scan our QR code to open an AR program that brings our static posters to life through the beat of the song.

Beats x Nike: Through research and interviews, our team learned that artists identifying as HOH often remove their shoes to feel vibration through the floor. We leveraged Beats' relationship with Nike to create a new shoe called Soundwave that conducts sound waves in response to the beat of the music playing through the user's Beats headphones. 

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Activation: Music festivals aren't made to accommodate the hearing impaired. To make a more inclusive experience, we created a festival where users can pair Beats headphones, Soundwaves and Apple Watch haptic feedback into our immersive listening experience. 

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