Live Client + Creative Campaign

Ask: Create a campaign that helps your small but mighty brand make an impact on media that doesn't require multi-millions. 

TLDR: In the world of supplements, it's almost impossible to separate truth from fantasy. This industry sells mystical supplements with magical outcomes, and Plantrise is guilty by association. In order to differentiate, we decided to show how Plantrise uses the best of earth’s natural ingredients to fuel unmagical fitness experiences with a campaign that reminds wellness seekers: There's No Magic Here. 

What I did: Interviewed gym rats, supplement lovers and wellness outsiders. Scrutinized articles and podcasts about the dark side of the wellness/supplement industry. Social listening to see how people talk about supplements and wellness. Made my dad teach me card tricks to get into the magic mindset. Creative brief and strategy.

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Background: Plantrise is a transparent brand with real ingredients. 


Plantrise is a supplement brand that's proud of their natural ingredients, transparent process and honest messaging - "Habits are the building blocks of progress. With holistic nutrition products that make adhering to them easy + effective, we're helping people optimize their health one habit at a time." Plantrise doesn't make magical promises like other supplement brands often do.


Estimated to reach around $220 billion in revenue this year, supplements are a poorly regulated industry full of inflated claims and misleading messaging. In order to break through the noise, we realized we needed to disrupt category conventions in a new and exciting way - and what's more exciting than magic and humor.

Problem: The supplement industry is selling mystical products with magical outcomes.

Bogus diet products and programs rank No. 1 among health care scams reported to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), accounting for more than a third of such complaints in 2020:

  • Advertisements about weight-loss products with hyperbolic language such as “miracle,” “revolutionary” or “scientific breakthrough.”

  • A product or program promising you’ll lose a specific amount of weight per day, week or month.

  • Claims that sound too good to be true, like promising users they can lose weight while eating as much as they want.

"I've tried a lot of supplements. I'm skeptical that they're all just placebos, but I don't know, maybe they'll work." - female, 27

Audience: Jaded Wellness Seekers.

They know the supplement industry is peddling false promises, but what can they do about it? When everyone is selling a similar product with similar claims and messaging, who can they turn to? They want to achieve a healthier lifestyle but they feel like their hands are tied. These wellness seekers continue to try new products they learn about through Instagram, TikTok or friends and hope to get the outcomes they're being promised. 

Truth: Magic is fueled by deception, but we often ignore rationale in search of solutions.


"My heart goes out to you. I have tried them all. You name it, I've taken it. I've spent hundreds of dollars on weight loss pills, powders, and potions in my 50 years on this earth and guess what? NONE of them worked." - Reddit user 

"I’ve tried all the prescription weight loss medications Phentermine Belviq contrav. I spent 100s on non prescription stuff that I won’t get into. I was looking for that magic pill and it doesn't exist all." - Reddit user

Advantage: Plantrise has the opportunity to fan out the smoke and break the mirrors to show real ingredients with real benefits.

Image by Artem Maltsev

Strategy: We’ll show that Plantrise uses the best of earth’s natural ingredients to fuel unmagical fitness experiences.

Creative idea: There's No Magic Here.

TV spots and social preroll.

TikTok with our characters paired with trending audio.

In-store VR cardboard cutout that, when photographed with Instagram, makes our magical witch disappear. 


Tarot recipe card deck extension.