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Ask: How can RITZ Toasted Chips hack March Madness and create buzz using anything but traditional video?

TLDR: The month of March crowns more losers than winners, and fans can feel the madness. The only predictable part about March Madness is how unpredictable it is, and the real win is keeping your sanity. Who better to show up for distraught fans than the sturdiest snack on the market? We created a campaign to show that Ritz Toasted Chips are sturdy enough to endure every fan's madness during March, because these chips are Made for Madness.

What I did: Shared war stories about broken brackets and the emotions of playing division one sports. Interviewed March Madness fans about how they handle their emotions (or don't). Social listening to understand how people bond over broken dreams and brackets. Creative brief and strategy.



Background: Ritz Toasted Chips are the sturdiest snack on the market.


RITZ may be America’s #1 cracker, but Ritz Toasted Chips are the sturdiest and most delicious chip on the market. Strong enough to handle any dip with a satisfying crunch, Ritz Toasted Chips looks to dominate March Madness against big competition with even bigger spending power.

Problem: The month of March crowns more losers than winners, and fans can feel the madness.

Only 64 teams make it to the tournament and only 1 team wins it all. As for fans, we come back year after year to cheer on our teams and make our brackets - even though our chances of winning are slim to none.


"You only have about a one in 1.2 billion chance of creating a perfect bracket." - NCAA

"Brackets, brackets, brackets. All you hear about is how busted someone’s bracket is.” -male, 19, Georgetown fan

Truth: The real win is keeping your sanity during the entirety of March Madness.


The upsets, the office competitions, the losing bets. To a lot of people, being a sports fan is so much more than a hobby. It’s an emotional investment. 

"Being a sports fan can come with very intense feelings that mimic depression symptoms.” - Anthony J. Centore, a professional counselor who has helped patients suffering from symptoms of depression due to sporting events.

"To put it simply, [March Madness] is an emotional roller coaster. I honestly just turn games off if I can tell my team is gonna lose to save me from some of the emotional frustration.” - Male, 28, Duke fan

Advantage: RITZ Toasted Chips are sturdy enough to carry fans through the uncertainty of March Madness, without crumbling under the pressure. 

Image by Jason Leung

Strategy: We’ll show that Ritz Toasted Chips are sturdy enough to endure every fan's madness during March.

Creative idea: Made for Madness.

Game time: The mobile Ritz Toasted Chips rage room will live outside of March Madness arenas. This activation allows distraught fans to let out their post-game emotions by breaking everything in sight - except Ritz Toasted Chips. 

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At home: Ritz Toasted Chips offers March Madness Insurance to protect fans when madness takes over.

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The Ritz Crunchy Care Package will be available for purchase to comfort bummed out fans after a big loss or busted bracket. 

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