Creative Brief + Competition 

The One Club for Creativity Strategy Bootcamp 2020 ​
1st Place Winner!


Ask: Create a campaign that helps Kodak rediscover its identity and lean into its strength in film.

Challenge: In a digital world ruled by technology, it's easy to think that Kodak and film are relics of the past.


Audience: “The Young Perfectionists” Gen Z & Millennials who feel pressure to be perfect and spend a lot of effort to appear that way.


Truth: When you focus too much on being perfect, you lose sight of the imperfections that make life beautiful.

Strategy: Kodak, here to capture life's imperfections.

Creative idea: “Perfect Imperfections” Highlight life’s imperfections by using film, a medium where the tiniest detail has a massive effect on the finished product. When it doesn’t come out perfect, that’s what makes it special. 

Brief Presentation

Anna Maria Araujo 
Garrett Chun
Sydney Crockett
Jordan McIninch