Creative Brief

*Class assignment with Arts & Letters 

the situation

NordicTrack, a former leader in at-home fitness, is trailing behind newer brands in the category.

How can we revive this brand and get them back in the competition?


NordicTrack was developed in 1975 in Chaska, MN by Edward Pauls who wanted to create

a ski machine to avoid training in freezing temperatures. Since its inception, the company

has grown to manufacture exercise bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, and strength training equipment.

The research:

  • Deep dive into 4C's desk research. 

  • Survey to assess at-home fitness trends and consumer perceptions of NordicTrack vs. competitors.

  • 10 1:1 interviews to further discuss NordicTrack vs. competitors.

The findings:

  • 72.3% of survey respondents said they knew little about NordicTrack as a brand.

  • 67% of the respondents chose Peloton as the best brand for at-home workout equipment.

  • Majority of respondents believe NordicTrack is a want-to-be Peloton.

“It just feels like NordicTrack is

playing catch up to Peloton

because they set the standard.”

Peloton is setting the standard for at-home fitness in the mind of the consumer, and this belief is starting to overshadow the category.


The top 10 words used to describe the at-home workout category:

Trendy | Overhyped | Elite | Expensive | Cult | 

Ridiculous | Snotty | Pretentious | Influencer | Luxury 

NordicTrack is getting lost in the noise of negative perceptions that reflect this new age of at-home workout programs. 


Before Peloton, there was NordicTrack. 

*from our survey

problem: the category's gone soft

NordicTrack, a former leader of innovation in the category, is now perceived as a company "playing catch up" to competitors like Peloton, who focus on a boutique, social, "lifestyle" fitness experience.

We need to remind consumers that NordicTrack was here first.

Born in a garage during the dead of winter,

athletes used us to escape extreme weather, but they

couldn’t escape the punishment of a tough workout. 


they all love a winner,

until they don't.

It's human nature to cheer someone

on until they win too much. People 

crave an underdog story, a big comeback. 


The Silent Grinder:

They aren’t working out for praise, but

to dig deep and beat their biggest competitor - themselves. 


it's about the grind

Thought Starters:

Relentlessly Original - NordicTrack was here first, and we aren’t afraid to remind you.


Behind Closed Doors - Real transformation happens when no one’s watching.


Not your mom’s workout/Tough as a mother - You may think we’re an “old brand" that your

mom used to use, but NordicTrack is still innovating the at-home workout experience. 


Rolang Piocuda - Strategist 

Ivy Lu - Strategist